The Garage Kickboxing

The ultimate workout experience!

The Garage Kickboxing offers a full-body dynamic kickboxing workout in just 30 minutes

Est. 2016 by Jeremy Phillips and Zak Moore, leading striking coaches in Alabama.  They have nearly 20 combined years of training and competing in KickboxingMuay Thai, and MMA. They are dedicated to providing safe, top of the line training and still personally train each and every member. The Garage is a place where you can meet and exceed your physical and mental health goals in a family-friendly environment.  Private lessons are available as well.

Email or call today to set up your own free session.

How it Works

Come in any time we’re open, glove up, and make your rounds. One-on-One training is provided with every member, every visit. Stations work every muscle group and change daily so your workout never gets boring or routine. Full body workout takes only 30min but feel free to stay and train as long as you like.We have specialty classes in both locations that are included with your membership. Private lessons are also available along with access to yoga training.

We Support Our Community

The Garage isn’t just a place to learn and get fit, you’ll meet amazing people along the way. We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere and play an active part in the community. We strive to support our members and host social events regularly to encourage supporting each other.

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