The Garage Kickboxing


Dynamic Kicking Fundamentals 
Location: Calera
Tuesdays 6:00 pm
Instructor Dennis Torrealba

Coach Dennis uses his background in martial arts to help students understand different kicking techniques on a more dynamic level. The goal of this class is to allow participants to explore what makes kicking such an effective tool in martial arts.

Kickboxing 101
Location: Calera
Wednesdays 6:00pm

Instructor: Jeremy Phillips

This class integrates the kickboxing technique taught in our daily workouts into practical application with a partner. Students will practice Dutch drilling techniques, learn defensive maneuvers, and counter striking. This class is perfect for students who want to work towards any level of sparring or competitive kickboxing.

Strength and Conditioning
Location: Calera
Thursdays 6:00pm

Instructor: Celeste Dennis 

Our strength and conditioning class is perfect for our members who want a class specifically devoted to building lean muscle and burning fat. Combining body weight exercises, core strengthening, and weighted drills, this class is designed to strengthen your body while working up a great sweat.